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The RT8108 series are single-phase synchronous buck
PWM DC/DC controllers designed to drive two
N-MOSFETs. They provide a highly accurate,
programmable output voltage precisely regulated to low
voltage requirement with an internal 0.6V or 0.8V reference.
The RT8108 series use a single feedback loop voltage mode
PWM control for fast transient response. The high driving
capability makes it suitable for large output current
applications. An oscillator with fixed frequency 200kHz /
300kHz / 500kHz reduces the component size of the
external inductor and capacitor for saving PCB board area
and cost.
The RT8108 series integrate complete protection functions
such as OCP, OVP and OTP UVP into SOP-8 and SOP-8
(Exposed Pad) surface mount packages.

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